Make a bigger impact with dope digital marketing.


You want to change the world

Your mission statement is inspiring, and the work you’re doing is incredible.

But you’re still a business. And businesses need to market themselves in order to thrive.

So, how do you show off what you’re doing in a way that maintains your integrity and makes sense for you?

You hire someone who cares just as much as you do about making the world a better place. That’s me.


I wear many hats

I (of course) mean in a professional capacity, because I have a range of skills that I have developed.

But I do also own a lot of hats. I pull them off pretty well.


I create compelling, informed (and dare I say, charming) written content that is tailored to your business and the message you want to output into the online world.

Social Media

Social media getting you down? Let me take care of it. You’ll overview everything before it’s posted and receive a monthly progress report! Or, I can provide training so you can do it yourself!


Let’s make some graphics that are engaging and cohesive with your brand, or a website that looks like a million dollars (it won’t cost you a million dollars)!


I didn’t even pay for these reviews!

“Excellent communication. The project required patience and listening and Toni has plenty of both. Toni is very responsive to my needs. I would work with them again in the future.” Isa Bustos

Business Consultant, 360 Marketing Plan

“When Toni worked in my team they built some great working relationships with clients, communicating well via email and phone to ensure they were meeting the client’s KPIs. The work done on their client’s social platforms was very creative and they have particular skills in graphic creation. Toni was well liked personally throughout the team and was always willing to get involved in group sessions and help any of their team mates when needed – a real team player!” Emily Allen

General Manager, JC Social Media

Toni was able to quickly understand the issue I was having by asking pertinent questions. They then offered me great advise using words I actually understood. Their obvious interest for website design, confidence operating the technical back end, and thorough knowledge of WordPress helped me save time by getting the work done quickly and efficiently.

Elizabeth Lemay

Community Manager, Elizabeth Lemay

Ready to get this party started?

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