About Me

I understand for a lot of people, what’s important in a working relationship is knowing that you’re in business with a real person.

About tj

Get to know me in 5 fun facts:

1. I love sitcoms, they’re so lighthearted and fun and that’s the kind of energy that I like to put out into the world as much as possible.

2. I like water. The sea, lakes, rivers, they’re all so pretty and chill. Hanging out near the water is definitely my happy place.

3. I have a chihuahua named Patch. He is both the bane of my existence and light of my life.

4. I have two step-sons. They’re my girlfriend’s cats and I’m totally okay with her loving them more than me.

5. Despite my tendency to keep things light and joke around, I love working on projects that are seriously trying to provoke change. I’m a passionate advocate for many things and if your company, project, or campaign inspires me, you can guarantee I’ll have your back the whole way.

My Specialities

Not saying I’m bad at other stuff, but this is the stuff I’m like, really good at.


I’m a natural wordsmith, and writing is one of my most loved passions. Wordplay is the new foreplay?

Content creation

Making and curating relevant, interesting & engaging content for social media platforms is my jam! 

PR Opps

I’m all about making connections and writing press releases that will get your name out there!


I’ve got a fire in my belly for a range of incredible causes! I write about a range of topics online, and also in my creative writing.


Want to brainstorm? Sign me up! I’d love to chat about social media strategy, content ideas, or whatever else is weighing you down!

Website Design

Using WordPress and Divi Builder, I create awesome, high-converting websites that are both desktop and mobile friendly!

This is Patch, my grumpy handsome boy & Office Assistant!