Writing Portfolio

Contributing Writer

Bella Book is a lesbian book publishing company. Their blog features the latest LGBT news and entertainment. I’ve written web series reviews, opinion pieces, and interviewed some awesome people here!

Content Writer

HelloFlo post content to educate and inspire women and female-bodied people. I’ve written several posts about my experiences as a non-binary person, queer erotica and the importance of representation. 

Content Writer

Aunty Acid is a viral media outlet that posts fun, feel-good content to millions of people. I produced content for them on a range of topics. 

Senior Content Writer

GoSocial is an online news and media outlet with a Facebook audience of over 700,000 people. I produced content on a range of topics, managed the schedule, and oversaw the training of new writers.

Born Broken: The Mistakes That Medicine Made

I self-published this collection of short stories in 2014. It’s a historical fiction anthology that explores the treatment of mental illness and otherness throughout the 1900s, both by the medical industry and society as a whole. 

Learn with Dino

I worked as a freelance scriptwriter on this animation web-series. Amuse is a subsidiary of the animation studio Millimages and is a leading digital studio dedicated to kids’ content. They produce over 5 series per year and manage content across 100 channels collecting 150 million views per month in the process.


I’ve ghostwritten a number of projects, including short stories, non-fiction eBooks, and numerous marketing materials. If you would like to discuss my ghostwriting projects further, let’s email! 

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